BigData Security Analytics Platform

Streamline entire security operations using one platform.

Powered by Innspark's SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, NBAD, XDR, and Threat Intelligence engines for improved threat detection and response.

'Innspark SIEM'  
BigData Security Analytics Platform

The combination of Innspark’s Big Data SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, XDR, and NBAD engines provides advanced threat mitigation and prevention capabilities for enterprises to tackle the most sophisticated threats such as Ransomware, Organised Cybercrime, Data leaks, APTs among other threats & attacks while ensuring compliance and 24x7 visibility and monitoring. The cutting-edge solutions already defend several organizations from cyber-attacks and allow businesses to focus on their core competencies. These organizations range from Financial Services to Managed Security Service Providers(MSSP), telecommunications, Government, Defence, Manufacturing, and Healthcare. The platform empowers the security teams and MSSPs with Cyber-threat preparedness, faster response, and reporting against cyber Incidents.

Key Highlights

Focused Threat Intelligence to Prevent & Mitigate Attacks
  • ATT&CK matrix + Focused Threat-intelligence Unlimited Rules and Correlations
  • Risk-score-based events and user categorization
  • Centralized highly scalable Data Storage
  • Malware and DGA Detection
  • Add-on Deception Technology Module
  • User Entity & Behavioral Analytics
  • Native detection of APTs and Threats
  • Advanced Malware Analysis as an add-on / incident response support
Easier to Manage by Security Leaders
  • Intuitive & rich visualization providing unprecedented visibility.
  • Color-coded visualization to plan and respond faster.
  • Reporting engine for real-time & on-demand periodic Threat Reports & alerting
  • Guided Search and Enhanced sub second on peta and exabytes of data.
  • Audit and Compliance Reporting
  • Intuitive Security Posture module for prioritized alerts
  • Lightweight agents to monitor asset, process, files, registry for additional visibility
  • Presents complex multistage processes in simple workflows.
  • 24x7 Web, Phone, Chat & onsite support with engineers with lightening speed resolution.
Rapid Cybersecurity Threat Response
  • Drag-and-drop playbooks for automated response with integrated Innspark SOAR.
  • Artificially Intelligent Alert Mechanism (IAM) for Lightning-fast Threat Hunting & Reporting from Peta and Exabytes of Data
  • Advanced Correlation Engine (ACE) supports more than any number of correlations rules, and ruleless detection, processing several million events per second(EPS).

Proactive Threat Hunting

using MITRE ATT&CK & Cyber Kill Chain integration among various options

Hassle-free Deployment

for any size of organizations with any types of deployment including - Cloud Native, On-Premise, Cloud Hybrid or Multi Tenant

Ready-to-use & Customizable Playbooks

to manage the end-to-end SoC operations providing Contextual Enrichment, Incident Response cycle, Compliance Status Check, integration with any enforcement, preventive & incident management tools.

Pre-built & Customizable Dashboards

with rich visualizations that includes Vulnerability Assessment Dashboard, Threat landscape Dashboard, Network Status Dashboard, Resource Usage Dashboard and do-it-yourself dashboards using widgets

Zero blindspot approach

provides information and security posture of every single hosts inside the enterprise or Cloud alongside unprecedented network visibility even at Tbps scale.

Flexible Integration

with several thousand of IT, Network and security systems including OT systems, covering the entire Enterprise, IT/Security Operations - Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, Network devices, Containers, IoT

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