Make your investigation process rapid, efficient and intuitive with our NextGen Portable IR Platform.

Detect threats faster and reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR)

Highly optimized platform which is capable of helping in end to end incident response

Equipped with state of art ML & AI models for detecting normal and sophisticated threats

Gain unparalleled visibility by unifying the logs

IR Platform helps in collecting data from all the devices and enables forensics across any field. Varieties of file upload options including remote transfer(FTP, HTTPS, SCP, SMB), external file upload etc. are integrated into the system to ensure seamless workflow for the investigation.

Advanced ML & AI driven threat detection

IR Platform equipped with its own advanced correlation engine identifies the anomalies in user uploaded files in split seconds. Automatic IOC correlation with regularly updated homegrown threat intel enriches the information and makes the analysis faster and easier, thus reducing the Mean Time to Detect (MTTD). The state of art correlation engine ensures that the anomalies and suspicious incidents are alerted to the analyst without much manual intervention.

Easily manageable case analysis

Case wise analysis of the incidents provides more power to the analysts. Out of the box parser tool for varieties of offline logs format.

Highly customizable visualizations and reporting

IR offers predefined and customizable visualizations that can be used to create custom dashboards. This will ease the analysis process and also makes the reporting faster.