Improve the cyber resilience of your team with Ultra Realistic Cyber Range Solution

Simulation of real world attacks for both Red & Blue teams

Train your team to defend even the common attacks to highly sophisticated attacks

Real time cloud delivered updates for newly discovered vulnerabilities and its exploits

Automated Performance based report generation

Comprehensive gamified versions of real word corporate networks

An Ultra Realistic Platform for both Red & Blue teams

InRange offers the state of the art cyber training platform which enables your team to get hands-on experience in attacking and defending real world cyber attacks. The massive collection of regularly updated scenarios library makes sure that your team is always updated with the latest vulnerabilities and exploits.

Immersive Real World Challenges

InRange provides the feel of experiencing a real world cyber attack within a controlled environment. The gamified intuitive user interface makes it easier and interesting for the team to participate. The scenarios are arranged in mission based modes which will help in preparing and assessing the capabilities of blue and red teams.

Get experienced in real world tools and working as a team

InRange is equipped with a set of real world tools which is used for both offensive and defensive operations. This includes various open source and commercial tools as well.Engaging with team and working together

Train, Test and Compete

InRange brings in a curated set of scenarios based on the chosen training path. Each scenario prepares your team with the necessary skill set for real-life cyber attacks on realistic application environments. The learning can be tested by setting up real world organizations? infrastructure and analyzing performance based reports. In addition to this, to simulate realistic cyber attacks in an organization and record the response, your team can compete against each other, Red Team Vs Blue Team by simulating a multi-user game-like environment.